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The Gasicane Is Gone!
Admin 03/28/2015

Back in 2007 a storm was brewing. Natural Gas was trading at around $14mcf and almost surreptituously, landmen were beginning to invade potential locations around the Appalachian region with leasing offers and promises of almost overnight riches for landowners who "got in on the ground floor".

As the storm intensified, the feeding frenzy escalated. Companies were climbing over one another to grab as much discounted leasehold areas, as quickly as possible. Early signers-on lamented their lack of forsight, and the companies lack of transparency, while bonus offers skyrocketed and lease terms more beneficial to landowners began to be negotiated.

The Wall St Journal called to find out what was going on and a documercial film crew arrived to promote the idea of the windfall that landowners were counting on to enable them to hold on to farmland for future generations.

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