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NYU Chooses Natural Gas To Reduce Carbon Footprint
Ron Stamets | 03/01/2014

An article appeared in the February issue of Popular Science entitled Staying Power. The focus of the article was about technological solutions to fixing the frailties of the nation's electric supply grid. The article describes how Hurricane Sandy cut off power to all of Lower Manhattan, except for much of the New York University’s campus.

In 2010 the university completed the installation of natural-gas-turbines that generate 11+ megawatts of electricity, as well as other side benefits. The article goes on to say that the natural gas turbines powers 22 buildings, heats 37 buildings and, "helped reduce the campus's carbon footprint by more than 20%", not to mention a savings of a few $million a year over the old system.

Negotiating A Natural Gas Lease - Revisited

We will be taking a retrospective look at the pitfalls many of us failed to see before we understood the importance of networking information about natural gas leasing. This will be a multi-part series taking an in depth look at natural gas leases from the standpoint of a landowner.

This is intended to be a joint effort of not just my experiences, but also knowledge gained by you who have had good leases and bad leases. So as this series develops, please do share the pitfalls, and successes that you have encountered in your natural gas lease negotiations and operations. Simply use the Contact Link send us your insights.

Royalty Deductions Tracker

One would think that when a landman offers to pay a particular royalty that a landowner could expect to receive that percentage of royalties on the natural gas extracted.

That isn't necessarily true in the case of some companies who deduct a plethora of expenses from royalty payments. Some cases have reported deductions of over 90% of the pittance promised in a boiler-plate lease.

The Royalty Deductions Tracker has been designed to enable landowners receiving royalties to show how their drilling company is treating them.

If you are a landowner receiving royalty payments, your participation is critical to help others identify the best companies to deal with, while exposing those who are ripping their royalty owners off.

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