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The Natural Gas Forums Maps of Leasing & Production

The maps and links to maps on this page have been provided by members of the Natural Gas Forums. If you would like to add a map you believe can help others, please Click Here


  • State Links to Map Viewers
    • NYS DEC Resource Viewer: This viewer will show the Minerals being recovered. Once you are at the County level or closer the Gas wells become visible and you can look-up information for each well.
    • OHIO DNR Mapping Tool: A good GIS tool for seeing the map locations of wells. Remember to zoom in to the township scale to see the wells.
    • PA DEC eMap Viewer: The eMapPA Viewer can be used to loacet Gas and Oil wells - and identify the operator - once you zoom in to the 'Township' level.
    • WV Gas Well Viewer: Well Map Viewer lets you identify active wells in the Counties of WV - and then review information about each one (or group).
  • Drilling & Exploration
    • Marcellus Shale Thickness: EXCO 3-08 illustration of projected thickness of the Marcellus Shale
    • PA - NY Early Map: Map of NY along with Susquehanna and Wayne Counties in PA - not updated since Summer of 2009. See the County Maps for updated information. Thru 12/09 - more than 300,000 views.
    • Well Geo Search: Find an oil or gas well and view it on the map. This application is provided by the WV DEP.
  • New York State
  • Pennsylvania
    • Beaver County: Map of natural gas drilling permits issued for Beaver County, PA
    • Bradford County Permits: Bradford County thru end of 2008. They seem to be about 40 permits behind on the mapping.
    • Cabot in Susquahanna County -: Cabot discloses their gathering network and the wells added since 2008. Note the inclusion of the Williams Pipeline from the Lathrop Compressor south for added capacity.
    • Cabot Susquahanna thru 2014: From the December 2010 Presentation - Cabot shows the directions and regions thru 2014. the Yellow segments indicate Lease Hold Properties.
    • Central Mountain Counties: Gas and Oil permit activity for the Central Mountain Counties of PA. Sullivan, Columbia, Luzurne, Monroe, Lycoming, Lackawanna & Pike.
    • DEP EMAP Locator: On the Facilities Tab, locate Oil&Gas Location and click on the square box, and click on the Oil and Gas Well circle. - then zoom to the area of interest as small an area as possible to include what you want. It is an award winning Tool - so it is a bit complicated at first use.
    • Laser & Bluestone PA-NY: Segment of the July 2010 DTE map showing Laser and Bluestone Susquehanna Gathering Lines to the Millennium Pipeline in NY
    • NE PA Exploration & Pipelines: Early overview map of NE PA. See PA County maps for more updated information. Highlights the Tennessee Gas Pipeline through the region as the primary path to market for the Gas.
    • NE PA Tier Two: NE PA East Central Mountain Counties: Sullivan, Columbia, Luzurne, Monroe, Lycoming, Lackawanna; Pike as of 11/30/2010
    • Somerset County PA Map: Map of Somerset County permits for natural gas drilling.
    • Sullivan County, PA: As of 1/2/2011- Active Permits for the County.
    • Susquehanna 2010: The 2010 permits and many from before. May work best if you View in Google Earth since these get too large to have all the markers appear on one GMap page.
    • Susquehanna 2011: Susquehanna County - 2011 Permits
    • Susquehanna County PA: Exploration permits for Susquehanna County, PA. Includes Tennessee Pipeline route through the County. Shows Fields under development.
    • SW Pa Wells and Units: Includes Washington, Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, and Greene county wells and permits. Also includes Washington units plus a few in other counties. If anyone in other counties would like their units included, pm me. Update a few times per year.
    • TGP - NE PA Expansion: Gas Pipeline Expansion of capacity for the Marcellus Shale production - 2008 - 2010
    • Tioga County PA: Tioga County - from NE to SW and Newer to Older
    • Washington County Wells & Units: Includes spud wells and permits, processing facilities, and units. Updated a few times per quarter.
    • Wayne County, PA: The July 2010 Permits on file for Oil & Gas Exploration.
    • Wayne County, PA: As of Feb 14, 2011 - 22 Permits were Active.
    • Wyoming County 2011: Spreadsheet GIS via Google Maps Trying to track 140 Permits.
    • Wyoming Cty 2010-11: With more than 120 permits in the last 6 months - I'll update this ASAP.
  • West Virginia
    • West Virginia Map Viewer: WV DEP provides this Map Viewer to let you look up information about Wells and other resources in the various counties. It provieds a detailed look at activity as you zoom into the Counties on the map.
  • Michigan
    • DEQ Geo Web Maps: Layered map of permits and wells. Maintained by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
    • Utica/Collingwood Activity: Interactive map of Utica Collingwood Activity in Michigan. Questions, PM "jelf"

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