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Natural Gas Leasing & Production Resources

Educational Resources

A Primer on Appalachian Structural Geology

A web resource which describes in detail how the Appalachian mountains were formed. Common geological terms are defined with illustrations. Useful for those seeking to understand jargon used in academic sources.

Center for Environmental Quality - Wilkes University

Wilkes University - Center for Environmental Quality -Information on Regional Groundwater Quality, Geology, and much more

Negotiating Oil and Gas Leases on Indiana Farmland:

Terrific resource by Purdue University for understanding the relationships between the drilling company and the landowner. A MUST READ BEFORE SIGNING ANY LEASE

New York Gas Lease

Provides information on how to form a landowner coalition for natural gas leasing.

PA Environment Digest

In-Person Information Meetings On Marcellus Shale Sponsored By Penn State Extension

Penn State Cooperative Extension:

Educational website with pertinent publications, presentations and upcoming events.

Petroleum geology and geochemistry of the Council Run gas field, northcentral Pennsylvania

Journal article detailing the geology and geochemistry of the Council Run Gas Field in Centre and Clinton Counties of Pennsylvania. Details thermal history of Marcellus in the region.

Platts Engelder Presentation - 2008

Presentation by Prof. Terry Engelder at the Platts Appalachian Gas Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, October 29-30, 2008

Producing Gas from Its Source

Schlumberger's detailed explanation of the science and technology of natural gas from black shale. It has all relevant technical details explained in a 'jargon free' manner. Good introductory tutorial that's not been 'watered down.'

Sustainable Development and Design of Marcellus Shale Play in Susquehanna, Pa.

Detailed report on the geology, geochemistry, technology and economics of the Marcellus. This tutorial is noteworthy for the wide range of topics discussed.

The Future of Natural Gas: An Interdisciplinary MIT Study

Natural gas will play a leading role in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions over the next several decades, largely by replacing older, inefficient coal plants with highly efficientcombined-cycle gas generation...

Tips and Guidance for Gas Exploration and Leasing:

By SCNY Agriculture Team and Cornell University Cooperative Extension. Good information on Deep Well drilling.

Government Resources

Bureau of Oil and Gas Management:

The DEP website for oil and gas management. Includes a section on Landowners and Oil/Gas Leasing in Pennsylvania.

DCNR Oil and Gas In Pennsylvania:

A good educational link to familiarize yourself with oil and gas production in Pennsylvania.

DEC - SGEIS - Marcellus Shale

NY State information regarding the new regulations surrounding Marcellus Shale development

New York State DEC

Main website for NYS natural gas regulations.

New York State DEC Oil & Gas Database

New features allow refined searches of detailed information. You can query online or download the selected data you need. Search on over 30 different parameters. You can save the results of your queries in either a Microsoft Excel format or in a comm

State of Michigan - DNRE gas & oil info

This is the main page for a vast amount of gas & oil info that the State of Michigan has posted. Goodies include the administrative regs, text of the lease the state signs, a well database with production info, and much more.

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Source Rock Geochemistry Database

This database contains petroleum source rock geochemistry data collected by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey between the late 1970s and today.

Industry Reports

Down Deep - Unearthing the truth about hydraulic fracturing

Using genuine facts and interviews with third parties, Down Deep takes on the dishonest politicking and misguided environmentalism that has become entangled with the public’s image of “fracing.”

To Drill or Not to Drill ? (Emperors New Clothes)

Presentation in response to claims of negative environmental impact of natural gas drilling and fracing in New York.

Landowner Advocate Organizations

American Royalty Council

Lots of information about oil and gas production, royalties and current issues.

National Association of Royalty Owners:

15 W. 6th St., Ste 2626 Tulsa, OK 74119 | USA PHONE: (918) 794 - 1660 (Jerry Simmons) NARO is a three decade Tulsa based national organization dedicated to educating the mineral/royalty owner. This organization is a tax exempt trade organization und

West Virginia Surface Owners Rights Organization

WV SORO is a growing grassroots membership organization focused on educating landowners about their rights and fighting to expand and strengthen drilling laws and regulations to protect landowners from abuses.

Misc. Links

Free Document - Water Quality - Your Private Well

Free document prepared by the professional geologists at Wilkes University related to regional water quality, common water quality issues, and basic water treatment. The document is written for the citizen as part of our educational effort.

Oil / Gas / Mineral Production


All people, companies & places related to the Marcellus Shale

Oil & Gas Journal

International information regarding oil and gas production

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