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In regards to the Natural Gas Forum for Landowners website, the term is used to define activities by owners or administrators of websites, to create topics and posts intended to re-direct guests and members of the Natural Gas Forum to links on their websites.

I don't consider the practice as some nefarious plot to steal visitors, I greatly value the contributions that many other website owners are making to further the cause of sane energy use and production. I also fully understand the value of having links from desirable websites pointing to your website.

The problem with using the topics and posts on the forum boards is that multiple "one-liners" from the same posters, all associated with links to the same outside destination does little to help us to achieve the mission of helping landowners network personal information with one another. I have received complaints from more than a few members regarding this issue.

Please do not post items that link to your website on the forums threads.

If you wish to share important articles and in-depth commentary, please join us as an author and we will be happy to publish your material, along with a link to your website too.

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On April 1, 2015 Moderators will begin removing any new topics or posts that link to a source that has multiple entries in the forums.

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