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Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC

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Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC
« on: July 23, 2013, 05:02:34 PM »
Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration
937 East Britton Road
Oklahoma City, OK

Want to share some information that was recently uncovered. Devon Energy and Tiptop
Energy USA have assigned an ORRI to Tier in certain counties in Michigan where they have been
leasing and/or drilling. That number could be between 10 and 20 counties. There are also
12 +/- counties where Devon/Tiptop are active but Tier is not involved, thus no ORRI.

Thought that Tier Hydrocarbon might be a big piece of the current Michigan o/g puzzle and that their work for Devon, warranting an ORRI without much to show for it,  was worth looking into.
The following info could help.

Discovered in Sanilac County, that Tier had recorded as Assignor/Grantor, 2 Assignment of
Overriding Royalty Interest documents on the same property to Birchfield Consulting and to a couple named Williams. Could not find anything recorded conveying any rights to Tier to do the ORRI's. Sanilac one of the counties 'Devon/Tiptop only'. Documents were signed 8/1/2011
and recorded on 2/13/2012.

The document Tier assigned was a Wellbore Assignment of Overriding Royalty Interest.

"Assignor has a contractural right to receive an overriding royalty interest in and to the Noll 1-13 HD1 Well, located in the W/2 of Section 13 and the E/2 of Section 14, Township 9 North, Range 15 East, Sanilac County, Michigan. Assignor intends to assign to Assignee an overriding royalty interest in and to the wellbore only of said well. Assignor does not assign to Assignee any of its interest in and to the Excluded Contractual Interests, as that term is defined below.

 For valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, Assignor sells, assigns, transfers, delivers, and conveys to Assignee the following, all of which are collectively called the "Wellbore Interest".

        Two Percent (2%) of Assignor's proportionately reduced overriding royalty interest in and to the wellbore only of the Noll 1-13 HD1 Well, located in the W/2 of Section 13 and the E/2 of Section 14, Township 9 North, Range 15 East, Sanilac County, Michigan. This assignment  shall be subject to the terms and conditions of any conveying assignments of overriding royalty interest made to the Assignor as they relate to the said Noll 1-13 HD1 Well.

                                                                        Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC
                                                                        signed by Keith Downing
                                                                        Managing Partner

The ORRI copy I have is to Birchfield Consulting, LLC, address:1683 Birchfield Road, Edmond, OK. It's a nice 1800 sguare foot 3BR/2BA brick ranch built in 2006. The street name was Birchfield! A LITTLE FISHY. Still waiting for a call back.

The well involved is a Sinclair Oil and Gas well #60426. Ended up a dry hole. Brown Niagaran
4279' TVD, 8970' TD.

Checked on other Sinclair wells and Tier shows up as receiving an 'Assgn of Royalty Interest'
along with Sun Valley Energy LLC and Great Lakes LLC from Sinclair Oil in 2011 in Livingston County.

Tier also assigned a royalty interest to TK Royalty LLC(think Exok Inc) in Livingston on 24 leases in 2012.

Another Sinclair well in Livingston #59290. Check out the file. Line 1-3 HD1. Another Brown Niagaran well. Page 25 letter from Sinclair Petroleum Engineer concerning well status, 6/25/08
Copies of letter sent to:    Dr. David Fruit - Tier Hydrocarbon founder
                                      Bob Mase - Piriam Energy
                                      Keith Downing - Tier Hydrocarbon founder
                                      Gary Worsam - attorney
                                      John Carlson - Carlson Consulting (?)
                                      Marty Searcey - Four Sevens Energy, Ft. Worth, Tx.

Same guys named in St. Clair County well, Rapley 1-24H # 59312. Sinclair well in the Brown Niagaran. Old Capac Field(gas) 390 acre unit. Also Johnson 1-12HD1,  #60492.

Livingston County  on 5/16/2013, Liverpool Productions assigns 31 leases(2009-10) to Sun Valley, Priam Energy, Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration, and Sinclair Oil.

Sometimes it's difficult to make sense of this stuff, so it's hard to clearly convey it. What this  shows is that Tier seems to be working for an ORRI on Sinclair wells in the Brown Niagaran. It also puts them in Michigan around 2008 and beyond doing whatever they did/or doing which is earlier than thought.

Still remains unclear as to what Devon, Tiptop and Tier are doing besides assigning ORRI. Tier  got most of theirs from Devon in selective counties in Feb. 2013.



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Re: Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2013, 04:24:49 PM »
Collection of information about Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration.

  Michigan:   Tier's presence primarily as receiving Overriding Royalty Interest in different counties
                   by a few companies.
                  The following documents appear in Livingston County.

                  12/28/2010  Sinclair Oil & Gas,   assigns working interest to 26 leases (2006-09) to:

                                      Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC
                                      Sun Valley Energy LLC
                                      Priam Energy Co.

                  3/21/2011 Sinclair Oil & Gas,  assigns royalty interest to same 26 leases to:

                                     Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC
                                     Sun Valley Energy LLC
                                     Great Lake LLC
                  1/18/2012  Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration, assigns royalty interest to same 26 leases  to:
                                     TK Royalty

                 5/16/2013  Liverpool Production Co., assigns 31 leases(2009-10) to:

                                    Sun Valley Energy
                                    Priam Energy
                                    Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration
                                    Sinclair Oil & Gas

                 Tier's relationship to Devon Energy has been documented on this forum. Through the
                 Joint Venture between Devon and Sinopac, Tier receives a 3.25% ORRI on oil and gas
                 discovered in 15+/- counties in Michigan from Livingston to Crawford to Tuscola to
                 Roscommon. Total number of leases covered by ORRI could be 2,000.
                 Agreement between Tier and Devon Energy for Tier services was dated April 14, 2010.
                 Pre dates JV Agreement with Sinopac which was signed in late 2011. The ORRI to
                 Tier was recorded in most counties in February, 2013. Whatever Tier brought to Devon,
                 probably occurred in a time period of 2010-12.

                 In Oceana county TK Royalty received multiple assignments of royalty interest, along
                 with 2 officers of Exok Inc, from Exok Inc. Total leases involved over 1,000. TK Royalty
                 and Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration share the same address in Oklahoma City. Local OK.
                 attorney named agent for TK Royalty. Two companies somehow connected.

                 In Sanilac county, Tier gave a 2% ORRI to Birchfield Consulting of Edmond, Ok, for a
                 single well, Noll 1-13HD1. Dated July 12, 2011. Nothing in record to show Tier receiving
                 any interest in well. Birchfield a shell for someone.

                 Combining ORRI's from Devon and Exok (if Tier is TK Royalty) yields a total number of
                 leases over 3,000. This could represent tens of thousands of acres that Tier stands
                 to gain a royalty from in Michigan.

Ohio:         Did not discover any similar assignments to Tier from Devon - Sinopac JV in counties
                 where Devon leased. Did not find any recordings for Tier. Did find out they had an
                 office in East Palestine, Ohio. Also discovered one of the founders of Tier, an Oklahoma
                 corporation, lived in Columbiana County, Ohio for 12 years 1999-2011. Tier's work for 
                 Devon in Michigan would have fallen in this time period. Columbiana is high on the list
                 for Utica Shale exploration in Ohio.

Oklahoma: Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration appear in a couple of Devon Pooling matters in 2008 and
                  2009, as notice parties only.

Aside from a profile about finding gas in the Arkoma and Forest City Basins, and their technology
for locating subtle traps, not much is known about them. Have been published. "Hydrocarbon
microseepage and magnetic susceptibility of soils: Field tests and magnetic mineralogy".
AAPG-1995           http:/www.osti.gov/scitech/biblio/86653

On par with a SWAG, would go out on a limb to say Tier did some non-seismic geochemical
exploration, dealing with soil and rocks (sandstone and limestone) that complements seismic data
in looking for hydrocarbon reservoirs and traps in by-passed, old or abandoned fields in Michigan.


Re: Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2014, 10:38:23 PM »

Tier projects primarily in Oklahoma.

Hartshorn Coal Prospect. 50 BCF EUR in 2 counties. (Continental Resources, Patrick, Devon)

Tonkawa Sands. 60 BCF EUR. Tight Sands By-Pass. Dewey County. (D&J Oil)

Shattuck Cleveland Field. 100 BCFE EUR. Proposed first Oklahoma Cleveland horizontal test.
(D&JOil, Enervest & Jones, Noble)

Arkoma Woodford Play. 20,000 acres in Hughes County. Fully HBP largely dry gas. Additional
development pending gas pricing. (Operated by Continental Resources and Devon Energy)

Anadarko Basin Cana Woodford Play. Canadian County. Assembled and sold 15,000 acres
early in the Cana Woodford play, in development. 4th quarter 2012, average 30 day initial
Woodford production rate was 6.5 million cubic feet of gas equivalent per day, including
135 barrels of oil per day and 420 barrels of NGL's per day.

Texas Panhandle Prospect. Project has resulted in net production of 9800 BOED -69%
liquids. Total identified resource of 93 MMBOE. MidState Petroleum current operator.

THE in their own words.

THE maintains a focus on bypass unconventional plays, generating prospect ideas through multiple disciplines within the sciences. Unique to the industry,Tier is dedicated to understanding unconventional resources through proper characterization and accurate analysis of ultra-low permeability targets. Over the past 20 years, the company has cultivated an industry reputation of exceptional research in developing science based evidence to support unrealized oil and gas targets across the country.

THE evaluates fundamental research to develop explanations for how oil and gas are stored in,
and moves through, source rocks and accompanying lithologies. Through these findings, Tier has identified significant resource plays currently overlooked by the industry, which is operating under an outdated model.

Tier has developed an unparalleled understanding of the interactions between rocks and fluids in the micro to nano-darcy permeability range during and after the organic maturation of kerogen.
Current technology causes us to overlook source rocks in tight oil plays in favor of very poor adjacent conventional units. Producing these source rocks is the next paradigm shift and will be transformative in the industry.

The THE partnership has lead to significant play opportunities in bypassed tight sands, coal bed methane and shale and carbonates, tight gas and tight oil. THE is now focused on researching hydrocarbon source systems and the potential for large gas and oil resource plays within and beyond the current industry standards.

THE has been involved in a multiple year study of the Woodford Shale in Oklahoma, plays from 600' to 15000'.

TIER and Devon Energy signed an agreement in 2010, with regards to Michigan, around the time leasing began by Clayton Energy, Bayside Energy, Bay City Energy, Sasquatch, Manhattan EnergyOne and others, eventually assigned to Devon. The JV with Sinopec US came after.
ORRI's throughout 15+ counties to Tier from Devon/Sinopec came in early 2013.Whatever they are doing/done for Devon has been centered in the deep part of the basin (Gladwin, Arenac, Ogemaw, Roscommon, Bay, Midland counties, but also includes Oceana, Sanilac, Tuscola, Livingston, Crawford as well as others). Devon and Tier have worked together in Oklahoma in the past.

Tier also dealing with Sinclair Oil in Livingston county and possibly Exok Inc. in Oceana county through TK Royalty. Tier has interests in various existing wells in Michigan (St Clair and Sanilac) including the Merten 1-24 HD1 well in Oceana county.



Re: Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2015, 02:57:18 PM »
Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration
367 North Market Street
East Palestine, Ohio



Re: Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC
« Reply #5 on: February 18, 2015, 07:47:52 AM »
Contact me. I have a file for you but it's too large. I admire your work.

Re: Tier Hydrocarbon Exploration LLC
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Call them EF,   they are on ORRI for this