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Title: Michigan Corporate Powers Act
Post by: claude on February 12, 2018, 11:57:13 AM

I came across this excerpt of the state of Michigan Corporate Powers Act. I am no attorney but it is scary when I see terms like:
   Dam any stream or streams
   Excavate, construct, maintain, repair, and improve
   flood, flow, and submerge its land and property
   To condemn all lands
   necessary to generate, transmit, and transform electric energy for public use in, upon, or across private property
   To condemn all lands, easements, rights of way, gas royalties, natural gas leaseholds and other property and any and all interests therein, other than lands lying within a known mineral zone of iron ore, copper, or coal, which may be necessary for pipe line rights of way or for an underground natural gas storage
   Condemnation proceedings in all cases shall be brought by petition addressed to the probate court for the county in which the land or any part thereof or interest therein to be condemned is located
   irrespective of the number of persons owning or having interests therein
   condemnation, at least 75%, computed in respect to surface area, of the property rights and interests in the underground field required for storage purposes
   will require the acquiring of any property or interest therein for use as a natural gas storage field.
   without notice of hearing pending the determination of an application for a permanent certificate.
   commission shall examine and inquire into the necessity of the natural gas storage field and determine that the natural gas storage field will serve the present or future public convenience and necessity, and that the field is safe for development and operation of gas storage.
   constitutes a prima facie case in any court of this state that the natural gas storage field so certified is required by the public convenience and necessity.

It appears to me that the state of Michigan is taking all private landowner rights away and giving them to private corporations for corporate gain. Private landowners will now be paying property taxes for property stolen from them and given to gas and pipeline companies.