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Landowner Rights Denied By Moratorium      NY: 9 Years, 11 Months | DRBC: 9 Years, 1 Months
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I think their is a problem ! Notice posted that forum was closed ?
The “Stupid Is As Stupid Does” World of Fractivism and So Much Else

James E. Smith explains how, we as a society, need to stand up and demand people to “stop doing stupid” if we are to grow socially and economically.

Power Plant Developer Responds to Slimy Green Ulster County Executive

Developer of the proposed Ulster County 20 megawatt power plant fired back at “several inaccurate assertions” made by the County Executive.

Pennsylvania / President Trump Blasts Germany Over Nord Stream 2 Deal
« Last post by PaShaleAdvocate on July 11, 2018, 11:48:57 AM »
President Trump Blasts Germany Over Nord Stream 2 Deal

President Trump calls out German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal she made with Russia, calling it “very inappropriate.”

bad analogy with the deer story.

frac'ing would be more accurately described as fencing your neighbors property off, and forcing the deer to walk under your tree stand for an easy shot.

and I'm pretty sure that there is no settled law in pa regarding the rule of capture when frac'ing is used. the precedent will stand for conventional wells surely, but with new technology, comes the need for better landowner protections.

and I might add, that the industry is gonna have a hard time mustering support from folks that they have treated so badly when it comes to leasing and paying fairly. that "texas precedent" argument ain't gonna cut it in pa.

wj is against most taxes, but especially new ones which open the door for theft by cities which will use the money to buy votes.

wj is also glad that he will no longer be subsidizing your lifestyle by paying your property taxes for you. pay your fair share, I certainly pay mine.

Tom Wolf Administration Pushing Special Interest Solar Ripoff

Tom Wolf has joined hands with special interests to promote a costly solar ripoff scheme that would have Pennsylvania copy the failed German Energiewende.

I still don't see the light at the end of your tunnel, wax.  That explanation is as clear as the water in a Dimock jug.
"So Trump made taxes into income, instead of a deduction as it hase  been forever."
WHAT THE SAM HILL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  That is some seriously rubbishy statement.
Its like this.  Property taxes , state income tax, and sales tax, and income tax, are all taxes. Trump put a cap of 10K on the first three. So if your total deduction for the three was 25K it will now max at 10K. As most adults know, these taxes will continue to rise every year. So your true net income will fall.. That will force down the price of homes. In essence it will damage the older population as did the 1% cd rate. The last item of value will fall, and that will be a big problem. Most homeowners will find themselves, underwater. Mortgage  and taxes will rise and value , will be less than you owe. After the last housing price collapse, many are in this position already. And basically, when taxes go up you recovered nothing. But the money you paid in taxes was tax free. Now you will pay taxes on your taxes. Sounds like wj would go for the Severance Tax, that;s far better than this.
Superior Court’s Political Decision Voiding Rule of Capture Challenged

A PA Superior Court decision authored by a senior (retired) judge was a foolish attempt at policy-making threatening havoc over the rule of capture. SWN is suing.

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