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Please Do Not Use This Forum To Promote Your Services!

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Please Do Not Use This Forum To Promote Your Services!
« on: April 09, 2008, 12:21:13 PM »
Professionals are encouraged to participate in this forum to provide relevant answers to questions that folks are asking, but Please No Sales Pitches for your service, or company. (This includes commercial web sites in signatures)

If you want to promote a company We have a CLASSIFIED SECTION for that.  Or buy a banner ad and everyone can find you.  At the same time you can help provide the finances to enable us to keep the board free.

We will be going through the board and deleting any posts that appear to be "pitches" for commercial companies.  It is fine to post links to educational sites and sites that help landowners to become more informed about their negotiations.

I have tried to be kind and understanding and have personally pm'd several members and have found that the interspersion of promotion for professional services slip back in...  So. 

1.  If your post even looks like a promotion for a paid service, and it is reported, it will disappear without notice.

2.  If more than 3 of your posts have to be removed you will be banned from posting.

This is a private forum and we have no provision for allowing free-bee Burma Shave Commercials injected into the threads of this forum.

Emailing and PM'ing Members:

Here are the rules for professionals and service providers.

IF a member first pm's or emails you requesting private information, you are free to enter into a relationship with that member.

IF you use the forum email or PM a member WITHOUT FIRST being contacted by them, you will be banned from the forum without recourse.

For your protection, save any email or pm received from a member as proof that they first contacted you personally.  This will prevent anyone from falsely accusing you in order to have you unfairly banned.

If you perceive a potential conflict, please advise me asap.

Our goal is to provide our members with a safe networking solution, and as a member you are also included in that protection.  In the event that another member is shown to have falsely reported that you solicited them, they will be banned permanently from the board.

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