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Oil and Gas Recordings by County

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Re: Oil and Gas Recordings by County
« Reply #375 on: April 26, 2018, 05:50:36 PM »
Kalamazoo County                             Western Land Services assignment to WGO Energy of Michigan. 6 leases. 3N-9W Sec 32
                                                                                                    Signed 1/24/18. Recorded 3/29/18.
                                                           Savoy Energy.     9 leases on 3/28/18. 2N-9W Sec 28,30. 3N-10W Sec 14,15,26,27

                                                                                       3 leases on 3/19/18. 3N-10W, 4N-9W, 4N-10W. Signed 2015,2017.

                                                                                       39 leases on 2/21/18. 2N-9W, 3N-10W, 4N-9W, 4N-10W. 8 signed 2015,
                                                                                       4 signed 2016, 27 signed in 2017.

                                                                                       66 leases recorded from 2017-18.

                                                           Wolverine G/O.       2 leases on 1/9/18. 2N-9W Sec 19,30.   

                                                           666 leases assigned from Axia to WGO Energy in 2016.
                                                           234 leases assigned to Wolverine G/O from landowners in 2017.

                                                               4 new well/reentry permits in Kalamazoo county in 2018. 3S-9W Sec 18,19,20,28,30.     

Arenac County                                   Savoy Energy.   4 leases on 4/24/18. Signed Feb/Mar 2018. 19N-4E Sec 11

                                                                                    20 leases 3/6/18. 18 DNR leases. 19N-3E Sec 1,2. 19N-4E Sec 1,11,12,13.
                                                                                          20N-3E Sec 34.

                                                                                    2 leases 2/28/18. 19N-4E Sec 11,12.

                                                            Wolverine G/O.     Affidavit of Extension (2017) lease. 19N-3ESec 7.

                                                                                         O/G Assignment from Devon/Tiptop. 3/12/18. 19N-3E, 19N-4E.
                                                                                                 2012 Bayside leases.

                                                                                        2 lease extensions. Jan. 2018. 19N-3E Sec 7

                                                                                       O/G lease assignment to Miller Energy Partners. 9 leases. 19N-3E.
                                                                                        4/18/18. Signed 3/1/18.
                                                                                        Miller Energy Partners LLC, formed 3/30/16.

                                                           Jordan Dev.          O/G lease. DNR. 18N-4E Sec 18, 19N-3E Sec 3,10, 20N-3E
                                                                                         Sec 20,22,23,28,30,34.

                                                           Border Exploration.  Discharge of O/G lease with Wolverine G/O. Signed 3/7/18.
                                                                                            19N-3E Sec 19,29,30,31,32.

Isabella County                                  Savoy Energy.   1 lease. 15N-3W Sec 3. Signed 3/6/18.
                                                                                    11 leases 4/2/18. 15N-3W Sec 29,30,32.

                                                          Wolverine G/O. 25+/- leases assigned to Miller Energy Partners. 3/1/2018. 15N-4W Sec 28,33.
                                                                                     Wolverine retains 20% ORRI.

                                                          West Bay Expl.   2 leases on 4/13/18. 15N-4W Sec 27. 16N-4W Sec 3.

                                                          Western Land.   2 leases on 2/28/18. 14N-6W Sec 13. 15N-6W Sec 9,34.

                                                                                    1 lease assigned to Wolverine G/O on 2/26/18. 15N-4W Sec 28,33.

Gladwin County                                 West Bay.           7 leases on 4/13/18. 3 (DNR). 20N-2W Sec  29.Signed 7/30/15.
                                                                                      Other leases in 19N-2W Sec 18.

                                                                                      19 DNR leases on 3/19/18. Signed 7/17/2016. 17N-2W, 19N-2W

                                                                                       4 leases assigned to Jordan Dev. 2/27/18. 17N-2E Sec 36.
                                                                                       633 leases from 2015-present and 316+/- leases that were
                                                                                       assigned from Marathon Oil in 2016-17.

                                                          Wolverine G/O.     115+/- leases assigned to Miller Energy Partners on 4/4/18.
                                                                                        Signed 3/15/18. 17N-2E, 17N-1E, 18N-2W, 19N-1W,
                                                                                        19N-2W, 19N-1E, 20N-2W. DNR, Maritz, Western Land,
                                                                                        Jordan, Devon leases.

                                                                                         2 DNR leases assigned from Jordan Dev. 4/16/18. 17N-2E,

                                                                                         6 lease extensions 2017/18. 2012 Devon and Clayton Energy leases.

                                                                                         2 assignments to Jordan Dev. 3/13/18. 29+/- leases. 2012-16.
                                                                                         17N-2E Sec 3,4,5,8,9,10,11,14,15.

                                                           Miller Energy.       Assignment of ORRI to Lew Murray Petroleum Geologist. 3/2/18.
                                                                                        19N-1W Sec 19. 2 leases. Kaiser 1-19 well.

                                                           Trendwell Energy.     Assignment of O/G/M lease to West Bay ET AL. 3/5/18.
                                                                                             2 leases. 19N-1W Sec 19

                                                                                             Discharge of O/G lease. 2016 DNR lease. 19N-2E.
                                                                                             Sec 9-34.

Roscommon County                           Marathon Oil.                          974 DNR leases
                                                            Kosco Energy Group                84 DNR leases
                                                            (as of 4/23/18).



Re: Oil and Gas Recordings by County
« Reply #376 on: June 20, 2018, 01:27:23 PM »
New name in Michigan. Dart Oil and Gas has assigned over 700 leases and transferred over 80 wells in 20 counties to Layline Energy III of Houston,TX.
Layline Energy came out of Layline Petroleum. Layline Petroleum founded by Chris Lewis and Dr Mukul Sharma in 2006 to deploy modern technologies on legacy
oil fields and substantially increase their production capacity.(Dr. Sharma is a professor at Univ. of Texas, Austin and the Chair in Petroleum and Geosystems
Engineering. He has 30+/- patents either pending or granted from 1995-2017 and has published over 300 journal articles. His interests are hydraulic fracturing,
oilfield water management, formation damage and improved oil recovery). Layline Petroleum sold $375M of producing properties in Texas in 2013. This privately held
company has drilled in Texas and Louisiana. Layline Energy III organized on 1/24/18 in Delaware and 4/24/18 in Michigan. Layline Oil and Gas formed in Mich
on 4/2/18. Well transfers reflected in weekly MDEQ permit report. Assignment of leases recorded in 20+ counties as well as a Mortgage and Fixture Filing betwen Layline
Energy III and Frost Bank (Houston). "Future Advance Mortgage" signed on 4/30/18 and recorded on 5/7/18.

Counties involved: Gladwin-155 leases, Missaukee-41 wells, Kalkaska-1 well, Crawford-6 wells, Clare-6 wells, Midland-69 leases, Roscommon-1 lease, Bay-91 leases,
Iosco-1 well, 2 leases, Arenac- many parcels 19-3, 19-6, 19-7, 20-6, Isabella-11 leases, Wexford 21n-9w, Montcalm-127 leases, Newaygo-17 wells, 49 leases,
Saginaw-87 leases, Eaton- 25 leases, 6 ROW, Osceola-4 wells, Lake-1 well, 25 leases, 6 ROW, Tuscola-40 leases, Ionia-18 leases.

Could be more counties, wells and leases involved. Wells appear to be from multiple formations from Traverse and Dundee to the Richfield and the PDC. Some wells were drilled
75 years ago, some in the 1980's and some in the 2000's. Many were reworked over the years and many had pretty high production numbers for short periods of time.

"Layline" - imaginary line to indicate the point at which a sailboat should tack in order to just clear the mark.

Marathon Oil has assigned leases to Core Energy in: Gladwin Co- 4 leases (2-DNR 2016) MULTIPLE TOWNSHIPS


Re: Oil and Gas Recordings by County
« Reply #377 on: June 20, 2018, 02:20:41 PM »
Marathon Oil leases to Core Energy:

Gladwin Co 106 DNR leases. Signed 5/8/18.

Roscommon Co  974 DNR leases from 2015-16. 21N-3W,4W, 22N-2W,4W, 23N-1W,2W,4W, 24N-1W,
                                                                              2W,3W,4W.Signed 5/1/18
Midland Co  3 leases. 14N-1W, 16N-1W,2W, 16N-2E. Signed 1/1/18.

Crawford Co  37+/- leases (Clayton Energy. 25N-1W,2W,4W, 26N-3W. Signed 5/1/18.

Marathon's DNR oil leases as of 6/4/18

Roscommon-974 (all 974 assigned to Core Energy)

Midland County                                     West Bay Exploration. 64 State of Michigan (DNR) leases  Signed 2/1/18. Recorded 6/11/18.
                                                                                                   15N-2W. Sec 6-34.

Wexford County                                    West Bay Exploration. 12 leases on 4/9/18. 21N-9W Sec 26.

Arenac County                                     Savoy Energy.  Extension of lease. (2012 DNR lease) 19N-5E,6E,20N-5E,6E.
                                                                                      Signed 8/2/17. Recorded 4/30/18

                                                                                     Assignment of lease. From Coleman O/G. 20N-6E.

                                                                                     Declaration of Development. Savoy-DNR. 20N-5E.Signed 1/11/18.

                                                                                     1 O/G lease. 19N-4E Sec 12. Signed 4/14/18.

Marathon Oil to Core Energy on 5/29/18. State Excelsior 1-13HD1, 1-25HD1, 2-25HD1, 3-25HD1.

May 2018 DNR Oil and Gas Lease Auction Results.                  4,377 acres leased out of 4,616 total acres offered. 5 leases in Roscommon County,
                                                                                                     21N-3W Sec 33,34 leased for:  $260,$240,$370,$370,$210 per acre to West Bay.


Re: Oil and Gas Recordings by County
« Reply #378 on: August 15, 2018, 04:35:03 PM »
Kalamazoo County                          Savoy Energy. 129 total leases from 2017-present. 71 signed in 2018. 2N-9W,3N-10W
                                                                                 2N-10W, 4N-9W, 4N-10W.

                                                        Clayton Energy to Wolverine G/O. 4- 2018 leases assigned. 2N-9W Sec 19,30.

                                                        Western Land.    1 lease on 6/26/18. Signed 4/4/18. 2N-9W Sec 35, 3N-9W Sec 2,9,13

                                                        Wolverine G/O.  3- 2018 Cause Orders for statutory pooling on Patel 18-1 and Hanna 32-1

Montcalm County                           Maverick Brothers Resources. 61+/- leases extended on 5/18/18. 11N-7W, 9N-6W.
                                                                                                        2012/2014 leases.

Gladwin County                             West Bay Exploration.   27 DNR leases recorded on 8/6/18. 20N-1E. Signed 2/22/17.
                                                                                             Sec 16,23,24,25,26, 33,34. Leases from Oct. 2016 state auction.
                                                                                             51 total leases in 20N-1E for 4,800 acres of WB total of 9,883 acres.

                                                                                            71 leases recorded in 2018. 170 leases in 2017. 440 leases in 2016.
                                                                                            21 leases in 2015. 700 +/- leases since 2015, 270+/- leases assigned to
                                                                                            WB and 92+/- leases assigned from WB in 2017/18.

                                                       Savoy Energy              6 leases on 5/29/18. 17N-2W Sec 28,29

                                                       Core Energy to Cobra O/G.  1 DNR lease (2016) 17N-1W,2W  18N-1W,2W

Missaukee County                          $114,006.05 paid from 2010-present by Encana O/G and Marathon Oil for personal property taxes on Pioneer 1-3 well.
                                                        Sold to Encana by Petoskey Exploration on 8/31/11 and then sold to Marathon on 7/21/15.

Roscommon County                       Core Energy to West Bay on 5/31/18. Recorded 8/9/18. Assigned 2 DNR leases (2016), although 145 +/- leases show up.
                                                                                                                    21N-3W,21N-4W. Core holds a 20% working interest from the top of the
                                                                                                                    Collingwood Formation.

Tuscola County                               Savoy Energy. 3 memo of lease signed 7/18/18. 14N-9E Sec 18. Leases originally signed in 2015/2016.

Kalkaska County                             Marathon Oil to Core Energy. Signed 5/1/18. 344 interest from 1993-2012. Wells/leases. 26N-5W,
                                                                                                        26N-6W, 27N-6W, 28N-7W, 28N-8W. 6 townships. Marathon
                                                                                                        assigned close to 600 leases in 2014/2015 by Encana, Shale Energy.

                                                        Devon Energy had 36 leases in 2010/2011. 25-5, 25-6, 25-7, 25-8. No Tier Exploration ORRI.

                                                                                                        (Tier has ORRI on 3,300 leases in Crawford,Midland,Gladwin,Arenac,
                                                                                                        Roscommon,Iosco,Bay,Oscoda,Tuscola,Ionia counties.Possibly more.)

Hillsdale County                              Meridian Energy. 50 lease extensions so far in 2018.(2015 leases) 5 leases in 2018. 5S-3W. 95 leases
                                                                                     in 2017.

Arenac County                                Savoy Energy. 1 lease 8/6/18. 19N-5E Sec 3,4.
                                                                                 Declaration of O/G Development with DNR 5/21/18. 20N-5E Sec 33
                                                                                 Discharge of O/G lease. DNR. 20N-5E Sec 33

                                                        Jordan Dev      5 leases on 7/17/18. 20N-4E Sec 15

Isabella County                               West Bay. 2 leases on 7/13/18. 15N-4W Sec 27.

                                                        Maritz Land.  9 leases 6/21/18. 16N-4W Sec 10.

                                                       Marathon Oil to Core Energy. Assigned 132 leases on 6/11/18.

Core Energy acquired Marathon Oil's Michigan assets in May 2018 consisting of wells and 262,000 net acres in 8 counties.
Since then Core has assigned some of this acreage to West Bay in Roscommon and Isabella counties and Cobra O/G
in Gladwin county.

Savoy Energy in 2018 has applied for well permits in Montcalm, Calhoun, Arenac, Tuscola and Newaygo counties. They have
leased in 2018 in Kalamazoo, Tuscola, Arenac, Gladwin, Isabella and Midland counties.

Layline O/G current count:  143 wells, 759 leases and a few ROW's.

Marathon Oil DNR leases as of July: Kalkaska-5, Midland-1, Missauke-17




Re: Oil and Gas Recordings by County
« Reply #379 on: September 18, 2018, 11:15:24 AM »
Appears Merit Energy Co. has assigned,conveyed and sold some/all of their interests in 21 +/- Michigan counties to Lambda Energy Resources of Dallas, Tx. Assignment in Kalkaska county shows 280 pages of leases, deeds, pipeline ROW and easements. Included in deal are Merit's natural gas processing facility in Kalkaska (Kalkaska Gas Plant) and the 225 mile long NGL pipeline which cuts through Kalkaska, Missaukee, Clare, Isabella, Gratiot, Saginaw and other counties which brings ethane and other products south. In total, some 1,257 wells in 14 counties transferred to Lambda. Oscoda county shows 190 leases assigned to Lambda. Deal was signed in July, 2018.
308 page Future Advance Mortgage signed between Lambda Energy Resources and Citibank.

Lambda Energy Resources, Dallas, Tx. Redevelops existing conventional oil and gas fields in the U.S. They buy existing fields that have remaining potential and use proven technologies to tap that potential.
CEO/President and Chief Development Officer are both Electrical Engineers with Masters in Petroleum Engineering. Lambda registered in Michigan on 7/3/18 and formed in Delaware on 2/1/18.

Lambda appears to be in Michigan to do the same thing as Layline O/G.

Gladwin County                                                  West Bay.  29 DNR leases on 8/24/18. 20N-1W, 20N-2W, 20N-1E.

                                                                           Savoy Energy. 1 lease. 17N-2W Sec 28 on 8/20/18. 7 leases in 2018.

                                                                           Jordan Dev.  Decl. of Pooling. 19N-2W Sec 14.  19N-2W Sec 10,11,14,15.
                                                                                                                            Signed 12/13/16. Recorded 8/27/18.

Arenac County                                                   Savoy Energy. 2 lease ratifications on 9/4/18. 19N-4E Sec 12. 2018 leases.

Kalamazoo County                                            Savoy Energy. 3 leases on 8/6/18. 2N-9W, 3N-10W. 135 total leases.

Iosco County                                                     5 leases in 2018. 21N-5E. 3 landowner lessors and 2 oil company lessors. Landowners got 1/8 royalty and oil company lessors got 1) 18.75 % royalty and 2) 20% royalty.
                                                                                                                     1 lease had a provision that if extension was granted lessor's royalty would  increase to 25%.

                                                                          Meridian Energy. 6 lease extensions of ConocoPhillips leases. 21N-6E Sec 15,16. 2011 leases that now run to 2019-2021.

Lambda Energy Resources interests now in: Alpena, Alcona, Manistee, Livingston, Montmorency, Otsego, Kalkaska, Crawford, Missaukee, Antrim, Grand Traverse, Macomb, Roscommon, Benzie, Cheyboygan, Oscoda, Presque Isle, Wexford, Gladwin, Mecosta and others containing  pipeline, easements, deeds,leases and ROW's.

Marathon Oil has plugging dates for:  State Pioneer 1-3 HD1 (8/16/18) Missaukee Co.  State Garfield 1-25 HD1 (8/16/18) Kalkaska Co. State Beaver Creek 1-14 HD1 (6/27/18) Crawford Co. 



Re: Oil and Gas Recordings by County
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Gladwin County                         West Bay.        4 leases on 11/1/18. 20N-2W Sec 3,30. 19N-2W Sec 5.
                                                                           1 lease 10/22/18. 19N-2W Sec 5
                                                                           2 leases 10/18/18. 17N-2W Sec13. Signed 5/24/18.
                                                                           20 leases (DNR) 10/11/18. 18N-1E. Signed 2/22/17.
                                                                          127 leases in 2018. 422+/- leases from 9/30/16.
                                                                          33+/- assignments of O/G/M lease and ORRI in 2018.

                                                                         May 2018 Oil production.
                                                                        Mawhorter 1-36     3,265 bbls.
                                                                        McIntosh 1-30     2,416 bbls.
                                                                        Hall 2-30     2,268 bbls.

                                                   Maritz Land.   14 leases on 10/29/18. 17N-1E Sec 16. 1 lease
                                                                          with Blackstone Minerals. 18N-1W Sec 26,27.
                                                                          Last Maritz lease signed 3/17/17.

                                                                          170 leases from 10/29/15-7/31/18.

                                                                          Maritz to Miller Energy. Extension of lease.
                                                                          19N-1W Sec 16. 2015 lease.

                                                  Jordan Dev.     Proposed disposal well in Sage Twp. Change gas
                                                                          well into disposal well to serve 2 nearby O/G wells
                                                                          by 1/4 mile pipeline to dispose of 20,000 bbl. of O/G
                                                                          waste daily. (Grove 13-11)

                                                  Savoy Energy.     3 leases (DNR) on 9/4/18. 17N-2W Sec 21,28,29.
                                                                              10 leases in 2018.

                                                   Miller Energy-Chemical Bank. Fixture Filing 10/22/18.
                                                   Summit Petroleum-Chemical Bank. Fixture Filing 10/22/18.

Kalamazoo County                    Western Land. 19 leases on 10/18/18. 2N-11W, 3N-9W, 3N-10W,
                                                                            4N-10W. Signed June/July.
                                                                             1 lease. 10/5/18. 3N-9W Sec 8,9.
                                                                           13 leases on 10/2/18. 3N-9W,3N-10W,4N-10W.
                                                                           10 leases on 9/20/18. Signed 6/6/18. 3N-10W,4N-10W.

                                                                            2 (2017) leases assigned to WGO Energy on 10/12/18.
                                                                            3N-10W, 4N-10W. Signed 6/19/18.
                                                                           105+/- leases recorded in 2018.

                                                  Savoy Energy.   17 (2018) leases assigned to WGO Energy. 10/19/18.
                                                                             3N-10W Sec 14,15,22.

                                                                             WGO Energy to Savoy assignment. 3 (2012) leases.
                                                                             2N-10W, 3N-10W. Signed 10/19/18.

                                                                             7 leases on 10/1/18. 2N-10W,3N-10W, 4N-9/10W.
                                                                             5 leases on 9/20/18. 4N-9W Sec 23,26. Signed 8/1/18.

                                                                             150+/- leases in 2017/18.

                                                 Wolverine G/O. 1 lease 3N-10W Sec 36. Signed 9/14/18.

Iosco County                             Maritz Land.    1 lease on 9/27/18. 21N-5E Sec 35. 3yr primary/3 year extension.
                                                                          $150/acre. 3/16th royalty.

                                                  Meridian Energy.  6 extensions of lease. ConocoPhillips leases. 21N-6E Sec 15,16.
                                                                               2011-12 leases. Extended out to 2019-2021. Lease extensions
                                                                              signed 8/30/16.

Isabella County                         Western Land.   1 DNR lease on 10/12/18. 15N-3W Sec 24.

                                                  West Bay.    25 DNR leases on 9/21/18. 15N-3W. signed 2/1/18.
                                                                      30 leases recorded in 2018 ytd. 68 leases in 2017.

Kalkaska County                       Merit Energy to Omimex Energy. Assignment of leases-10, deeds-4,
                                                                      easements-2, contracts-4. Signed 1/10/18.
                                                                      28N-5W Sec 18

Tuscola Energy                        Savoy Energy. 4 leases. 14N-9E Sec 18.Signed 9/26/18.2-5 year leases.

                                                Tuscola Energy. Assignment of Interest. 9/25/18. Nixon 12-23 well.

Calhoun County                      Savoy Energy. 124+/- leases in 2018. 3S-8W, 4S-8W. 3/3 $185/ac.
                                                                        1/8th royalty.

                                                Meridian Energy. 50 lease extensions in 2018. 2S-5W,3S-4W,4S-4W.
                                                                            138 lease extensions in 2017.

Lambda Energy.                     1,875+/- wells have been transferred from Merit Energy. So far wells in Benzie,
                                                                             Macomb, Kalkaska, Manistee, Otsego have had action by

Michigan MDEQ.                     80 well permit applications in 2018 ytd. 53 permits issued so far.
                                                Kalamazoo,Montcalm,Clare counties top well apps.

Michigan DNR.                        Oct. 30,2018 O/G lease auction results. 3,862 acres leased out of 15,787 offered.
                                                                      Arenac (1,885 ac) and Clare (856) top counties leased.




Re: Oil and Gas Recordings by County
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Kalamazoo County                 O/G lease assignment from Axia Energy II to Maximus Minerals LLC. 12/20/18.
                                                385 leases from 2012-2015/ Western Land. 3N-9W,3N-10W,4N-9W,4N-10W.

                                                Savoy Energy. 1 lease 9/23/18. 4N-10W Sec 1. Recorded 1/21/19.

                                                Western Land.   15 leases on 12/18/18. 3N-9W,4N-9W,4N-9W,4N-10W.
                                                                             1 O/G lease assignment to WGO Energy. 12/17/18.
                                                                              3N-9W Sec 18

                                                                             4 leases. 11/20/18. 3N-10W Sec 25,35, 4N-10W Sec 1.
                                                                              1 lease 10/16/18. 3N-10W.
                                                                               1 O/G lease assignment to WGO Energy. 10/31/18.
                                                                                3N-10W Sec 29. Recorded 11/14/18.

                                                                              Wolverine Gas/Oil. MDEQ Cause Orders (2-2019) DU size,well density,oil
                                                                              proration allowances. 1) 160 ac DU (40), 400 BOPD (200) for Pease 20-24, Pease
                                                                              20-4A, Pease 20-5. 2) 120 ac DU (40), 400 BOPD (200) for Clough29-1B and
                                                                              Clough 29-3HD1 wells,
                                                                              Drill replacement and new infill wells.
                                                                              1) 3N-9W Sec 20. 2) 3N-9W Sec 29.

Gladwin County                       West Bay Exploration.  1,002 records since 12/1/2014. 821 leases, 35 assignments
                                                                                      of O/G/M lease, 12 assignments of ORRI, 5 lease extensions,
                                                                                      24 lease discharges, 6 declaration of pooling and the rest ratifications,
                                                                                      affidavits, agreements,etc.

                                                 Cobra Energy.        17 leases assigned from Maritz Land. 11/30/18. Recorded 12/26/18.
                                                                                  18N-1W Sec 26,27,34,35.
                                                                                 Cobra received leases from Whiting O/G, Core Energy and Maritz.
                                                                                 Leases in 17N-1W,1E, 17N-2W, 18N-1W,2W.

                                                  Maritz Land.           221 records since 12/1/15. 173 leases.

Crawford County                       Riviera Michigan LLC. 9/14/18. Controls the former Linn Midwest Energy holdings in Mich.
                                                                               Also Riviera Operating, Riviera Marketing and Riviera Upstream in Mich.
                                                                               on 6/5/2018. Stock sells on U.S OTC: RVRA. 52 week H/L (25-14.10)

Arenac County                          Jordan Dev.        5 leases on 1/14/19 and 1/27/19. 19N-3E Sec 11,12,13.

                                                                             Amendment of lease. 1/17/19. 19N-3E Sec 12,13. 2018 lease.

                                                                             4 leases. 1/11/19. 19N-3E Sec 2,14. Signed 11/2018.

                                                                             6 leases. 10/8/18. 19N-3E Sec 2

                                                    Summit Petroleum. Assigned mineral interest to Fore Energy Partners 10/17/18.
                                                                              19N-3E,19N-4E,19N-6E,20N-4E,20N-5E. multiple sections.
                                                                               Fore Energy in Mich. 7/18/18.

                                                    Savoy Energy.   Discharge of lease. 12/27/18. 2012 Devon DNR lease in 19N-5E,

Wexford County                          West Bay. 12 - 2018 leases. All in 21N-9W Sec 26. Devon Energy extended leases in
                                                                                                  21N-9W Sec 33,34,35.

Roscommon County                   Core Energy to West Bay. Assignment of lease. 21N-3W,21N-4W. Marathon Oil
                                                                                              DNR lease from 2016. Recorded 12/20/18. 166 leases.
                                                                                              West Bay has received 200+ leases from Core/Marathon
                                                                                              since 2016. One DNR lease from Devon still believed on the books.
                                                                                              Leases stretch from 21N-1W to 24N-4W.

Marathon DNR leases.               207,000+ acres selected in 3 auctions in 2014-15. Most leases farmed out to others (Core/West Bay) 
                                                   but still on the books. Estimated active leases by county:
                                                                                       Roscommon-  Core Energy-995
                                                                                       Kalkaska-     Core Energy-59  Marathon-3
                                                                                       Missaukee-  Core Energy-276 Marathon -17
                                                                                       Clare-    Core Energy-145 West Bay,Trendwell,Miller,Kosco-161
                                                                                       Gladwin-   Core Energy-39 West Bay -159 Jordan Dev-214     
                                                                                       Midland-   Core Energy-108
                                                                                       Crawford-   Core Energy-39

Lambda Energy Resources.           MDEQ Cause Orders in Manistee County. Unitization plan for recovery of O/G/related
                                                       hydrocarbons in Bear Lake Twp. 23N-15W Sec 28,32,33,37.
                                                       Side track original wellbores with lateral drainholes drilled in the base of the oil column.
                                                       A pump will be run down in the open hole lateral to produce the oil that draws into
                                                       the lateral.
                                                       Bear Lake 32 Field. Significant more oil recovered by drilling 3 lateral drain holes in
                                                       3 wells sidetracking existing wellbores.Inject gas into top of the reservoir at a future
                                                       time in development of the Unit Area. Bear Lake 32 project will recover approx. 607 MBO
                                                       of recoverable oil, sidetracking of wells.