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Landowner Rights Denied By Moratorium      NY: 9 Years, 10 Months | DRBC: 9 Years, 0 Months
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Educational Presentation BY FLOW (For Love Of Water)  May 6th at Fowlerville H.S.

Organized by Conway Township, Livingston County

FLOWpresentation1Flyer010914REV1.pfd   - Flyer available.

Halcyon Resources came to Conway Township in May 2013, wanting to lease township
land. Many farm leases signed with Liverpool Production Co. Leases then sold to
GeoSouthern Energy. Well(s) now in drilling stage and Livingston County residents
looking for answers to drilling/fracking questions.

Michigan law does not allow local governments to ban, block, or put a moratorium on
fracking operations. Drilling permits issued by the DEQ under rules set forth by the state

State Zoning Enabling Act excludes oil and gas drilling and related operations from local

Local communities are looking to have some controls in place to minimize impact such
as hours, noise levels, traffic, wastewater, and other risk/impact issues.

Howell Township (Livingston Co.) trustee on fracking, " I don't think any township thinks
at the end of the day they're going to be able to outlaw it. They can just maybe discourage
it and maybe have some controls so the people feel a little bit more secure".

The anti fracking group is very well organized and financed. MoveOn.org, along with many
other groups are supplying activists who are working to ban fracking in local communities.
In Colorado, there have been referendums that banned or placed moratoriums on fracking
in local communities. Erie County, New York, banned fracking on county owned land.

Some economists and wall street types see fracking as a "game changer" for increased
economic growth of 3-4%. Fracking has driven down the cost of energy in the
United States to the point that Chinese manufacturing " can give away their labor " and
still not be competitive with U.S. manufacturers.

Talking solely about natural gas in industrial America. America needs to spend about six trillion
dollars to build a natural gas distribution system across the U.S. Natural gas at (4,000' deep
Monterey Shale, CA. - Michigan Basin  4,000'-12,000' deep) has  become more cost
competitive because of fracking. Comparative costs of natural gas at current prices tells
the story. $4-5 cubic foot in U.S., $10 in Europe, $12 in China, $17 in Japan.



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