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Oil, the TV show

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Oil, the TV show
« on: May 17, 2015, 09:50:17 AM »
In reading about the energy business yesterday I found that a new TV show titled "Oil" will be part of ABC's new fall lineup.  The basic story line is of a young couple, frustrated in their attempt to improve their lives, who take off for the new Eldorado to be found in Williston, North Dakota, in the heart of the Bakken Shale.  A principal character will be Don Johnson, of Miami Vice fame, playing a ruthless oil company billionaire.  What else could an oilman be except ruthless.  For years the ongoing soap opera of Dallas had the oil industry as a backdrop, with its cast of nefarious characters associated with the petroleum industry.  The oil industry has had for a long time some glamour attached to it which natural gas has conspicuously lacked.  It's ironic that the promo for Oil includes verbiage about the Bakken creating new millionaires every day at a time when the real oil companies in the Bakken are busy trying to squeeze nickles and dimes out of their cost structure in order to stay profitable.  I have no idea whether the new show will be a hit or sink in the ratings and get cancelled after a few episodes.  I do know that the energy industry can lend itself to profitable fictionalized treatments for show biz people.  Just ask Josh Fox how well a fiction treatment of energy can do for one's career and bank account.