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Freeport LNG

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Tim W.Pa

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Freeport LNG
« on: May 18, 2017, 01:35:43 AM »

2Bcf/day by 2019. Add that to Cheniere, Cove Point, Elba Island and Cameron closing in on 10Bcf/day by 2019. That is ~ total production currently in PA. The one to watch is Elba Island which uses a modular design by Shell.

Now that POTUS has nominated 2 FERC chairs the pipelines  (Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley) should be approved almost as soon as Senate confirms. Elba Island looks to be used when gas demand is low in SE US. Major Gas Utility expansions all over the SE. That's in addition to NG power Plants.

Edit: Current PA production (2016) ~ 13.3Bcf/day not 10Bcf/day.
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