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Landowner Rights Denied By Moratorium      NY: 9 Years, 10 Months | DRBC: 9 Years, 1 Months
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More Collusion to Violate Private Landowner 5th Amendment Rights

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The Federal Government, FERC, Federal Courts, and a law firm colluded with Northern Natural Gas to violate the 5th Amendment rights of landowners. Private landowners are being cheated out of Fair Compensation for Underground Natural Gas Storage on the valuable underground caverns that are owned by private landowners.

The FERC is illegally using the 1938 Natural Gas Act to take over private property for underground natural gas storage. The 1938 Gas Act was written for pipelines only NOT underground natural gas storage.

Thousands of private landowners and Native Americans across 31 states in the United States are having their 5th Amendment rights violated by the Federal Government and Federal and state courts. Private landowners are the rightful owners of the extremely valuable underground caverns within the storage areas of the 415 underground natural gas storage areas that have been illegally taken over by the Federal Government for Corporate gain.

Federal and state legislation must be passed to force gas and pipeline corporations to retroactively compensate private landowners and Native Americans for illegal underground natural gas storage in the underground caverns owned by private landowners. Legislation must be passed that outlaws  illegal perpetual leases and provide fair compensation from the date of signing of the illegal perpetual leases.

The Federal Government, MS state government, FERC, Courts, and gas and pipeline companies have stolen my underground caverns.