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Author Topic: DRBC Approves Resolution to Publish Revised Draft Rules  (Read 255 times)

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DRBC Approves Resolution to Publish Revised Draft Rules
« on: September 18, 2017, 04:34:49 AM »
Do we all remember that Hess/Newfield abandoned the area known as Wayne County PA? Chesapeake walked away also.
Did we ever agree as to why they walked away?

They had to have a good reason to walk away from (my feelings) good shale. Remember all the geological reasons the NWPOA leadership gave us?
Me, personally, never believed it was poor geology. Still don’t!

Maybe, just maybe, the gas companies were told something back in the tail end of 2011.

The gas companies held tens of thousands of acres in Wayne County that they paid for. They invoked force majeure in 2009 only to release all the leases later. If they had ANY hope that drilling would be allowed, 10, 20 or 30 years out, I believe they would have kept the leases.

I bet you (just guessing) that the gas companies were told 6 years ago that drilling within the DRBC would never be allowed.

It explains why the gas companies abandoned the area.
It explains why the gas companies never put a second of time or a single dime into fighting this moratorium.
It explains why replacing anti drilling Collier with semi-pro drilling but ineffective Tambini meant nothing.
It explains how a pro drilling lobbyist got the PA vote wrong. 

Have you looked at the latest prospectively map from Shepstone that was included in one of his recent articles?

Shows the good area in Wayne County from Hamlin PA northeast to Cochecton NY. That is better than we thought! Would have been nice to see that map years ago.

If more people were told about the prospectively of their land within the DRBC, there would be more people now to join the UDRBC. Instead, the NWPOA leadership really beat the area up with geological negativity. Remember when the NWPOA leadership was pushing that idea?

Also, that latest Shepstone map ignores Prof Engelder’s Lady Baltimore Cake line from his 2009 Co Op Dinner. And that Shepstone map also shows nothing in regards to the 6-8 mile swath of geologically challenged shale on either side of the Lackawanna Syncline and it’s extension up along the Susquehanna/Wayne border. Which was the reason the NWPOA leadership gave for the Hess abandonment. Remember?

Why did Hess/Newfield abandoned the area known as Wayne County PA?

I know I’m out on a limb with this and one of you guys are going to come along with a chain saw, but I really don’t care!

Why did Hess/Newfield abandoned the area known as Wayne County PA?
What does the leadership know and when were they told it?

In it's present form, NG is DOA in the DRBC


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