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Italian Truck Builder IVECO Gets Order for 500 LNG powered Trucks

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IVECO??  What is an IVECO.??  Well, it happens to be one of the major commercial truck builders in the world -all the way from teenie-weenie trucklets to semi's. Now, it looks like one of Europe's freight haulers believes enoough in LNG for fuel that they are plannin' on buyin' a bunch of new trucks & puttin' in some LNG fuelin' terminals to boot. 

Here's a link for more details:

Here's a few quotes: (color, old mine)

" ...agreement signed with Jost Group, foresees the delivery of a fleet of 500 Stralis NP trucks running on LNG. LNG is widely regarded as the only currently available mass market alternative to diesel.

...The Stralis NP (Natural Power) is designed to be the most sustainable long-distance heavy truck ever manufactured. These trucks powered by LNG will offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio, power density and quietness of operation. The first 150 vehicles will enter into operation during 2018, with the full fleet to be in service by 2020....

... early adopters of this new technology, Jost Group continues its move towards green logistics and sustainable transport, something customers are increasingly demanding. The group's goal is to have 35% of its fleet running on LNG and is supporting this with an investment in its own LNG refueling infrastructure, with plans to open up to three filling stations within its major operating centers in Belgium. ...

Least they're gettin' in the game -- high stakes too.  Still they's hedgin their bets at 35%.  Smart move. Gonna' be interestin'...is natural gas here there just in time or have the "No Hydrocarbon Fuel" folks gotten' too far ahead already?

 Huh?  What's that Bartieboy?  wj is havin' a hard time pronouncin' the name "IVECO"?   Ya' can't understand what he's tryin' to say?? Tell him to take that cigarello & the Yuengling bottle out of his mouth & try  it again........ahhh....that's MUCH better.  (most teachers would'a jus' shrugged & said, "The poor kid needs speech lessons.") ;) slaplaugh

Knew it wern't no speech problem.  Why his folks tol' me that before lil' wj could even  walk, that  he could pronounce "Yuengling" perfectly....an'...an' he  learnt't to read it upside down  & backwards before he ever even went to school!   ;) slaplaugh

Puts a whole new meanin' on "home schoolin",
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