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Central Valley vs Southam

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Central Valley vs Southam
« on: October 26, 2017, 01:12:07 AM »
Central valley vs Southam


Another example of a crooked California court denying the correct paradigm in valuing underground natural gas storage caverns.  The California court in this case, of course, sided with the gas company in this decision that violated the 5th amendment rights of the landowner by illegally using imminent domain and by denying the correct land valuation method. There is a link in the article referenced above which provides a link to the court decision that has more information than the article itself.

 Thousands of landowners are being cheated out of fair compensation for underground storage on private property. my family had their property taken for underground storage in the 1950's by coercion into signing a perpetual lease. this issue desperately needs media exposure to force gas and pipeline companies to retroactively compensate landowners for underground storage on private property.

The federal government, FERC, state governments, and courts have conspired with gas and pipeline companies to illegally take over private property by imminent domain and illegal perpetual leases for underground storage. Gas and pipeline companies make $Millions$ annually with ZERO or minimal compensation to private landowners. Courts have illegally used the wrong paradigm, diminution of surface land value, to determine compensation. The correct paradigm is the value of these scarce underground caverns to gas and pipeline companies.

There are only 415 of these scarce underground resources in the entire USA, as such, these are extremely valuable resources OWNED BY PRIVATE LANDOWNERS. This violation of the 5th amendment rights of private landowners and Native Americans needs to be reversed NOW!!

Gas and pipeline companies must be forced to retroactively fairly compensate landowners for underground natural gas storage. Gas and pipeline corporations are sharecroppers that aren't sharing. For more information see my linkedin group "Fair Compensation for Underground Natural Gas Storage."
The Federal Government, MS state government, FERC, Courts, and gas and pipeline companies have stolen my underground caverns.