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Dominion buying out SCANA

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Dominion buying out SCANA
« on: January 09, 2018, 12:12:43 PM »
 From January 3 onwards there are articles appearing about the proposed buyout of SCANA, an electrical utility serving portions of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia by Dominion Energy.  An interesting aspect of this transaction being that Dominion is now a leading and expanding user of natural gas and will be a big factor in the LNG export market when Cove Point is up and running while SCANA made a heavy bet on nuclear power and lost, having to suspend its twin reactor project in South Carolina last summer.  Electric rate payers in SCANA's territory will still have to pay for that fiasco at the rate of 20 dollars a month extra in each bill over the next 20 years if the merger with Dominion goes through.  The alternative being worse if SCANA is not bought out.