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Anti-fossil fuel strategy on FULL display in Canada

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Anti-fossil fuel strategy on FULL display in Canada
« on: March 27, 2018, 03:18:15 PM »
It can be instructive sometimes to look beyond America's borders in order to get a feel for the threats we face.  In this instance we do not have to search too far afield:

This news first came to my attention via radio station CHML (AM 900 Hamilton, Ont.) to which I listen often.  Hamilton is a Canadian city not too far from Toronto, but smaller than Toronto.  It is just up the road a piece from Buffalo.

What our opponents are doing up north they are doing literally everywhere.  Their goal:  "keep it in the ground" . . . keep all fossil fuels in the ground.  Key means to this end is bottling us up, not allowing our natural gas, or oil, to reach markets where these products are so desperately needed.

In Canada, with the unfortunate ouster of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the elevation to that office of man-child Trudeau, things are going to hell fast.  This is exactly the sort of thing I anticipate happening here in the USA if we lose Trump.  Notice the willing and eager involvement of the liberal Canadian courts, serving their ultra-liberal environmentalist patrons:


If we somehow can get desperately-needed pipelines installed here in the USA before Trump leaves office we will be OK.  Otherwise, this Canadian circumstance will likely repeat itself here.  And right now it is difficult to be too hopeful.  At this point the Democrats are so strong Trump cannot even get funding for his much-promised wall.

All I know is if we do not get sufficient pipelines installed so our natural gas has someplace to go, we all are gonna be totally screwed.  And the liberal environmentalist wackos will have won.  If you read that article you will learn liberal Trudeau does not want the pipeline Harper approved.  The Trump administration's mere approval of pipeline projects will not be enough if Trump is ejected from office.  We are gonna need the pipelines actually to be completed and in place!!