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Four socialist-backed candidates win Pennsylvania legislative primaries

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Anyone who believes these sorts of officeholders will be supportive of our NG futures, or even of our PROPERTY RIGHTS, had better think again.  And notice they ALL are women.

There was a crowd at my polling place yesterday.  I had to wait about twenty minutes to vote.  If all rural people like us get out and vote we will be OK, like we were in November of 2016.  If rural Pennsylvania remains at home on voting day this coming November, really bad things are highly likely to ensue.  And you can put a severance tax at the head of that list.  There remain enough of us in PA to out-vote the communists;  but only if we actually vote!!


Otherwise the alternative is this:

Mr. Wagner will be a great governor and he will not bash us with a severance tax.  He deserves the support of every in-the-shale landowner.

If Wolf gets another four years you can almost bet we get a severance tax.  He will be term limited and will have nothing to lose by shutting Pennsylvania down in order to have his way.  So

Wagner for PA Governor!!

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