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Pruitt in trouble again

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Pruitt in trouble again
« on: March 31, 2018, 07:48:41 AM »
Scott Pruitt has been our saviour as EPA chief.  Compared with Gina McCarthy:  night and day.

Trouble is, the guy is an azzhole.  He steadfastly refuses to accept that there is a scintillating double standard in this country as between Republicans, like him, and Democrats.  Pruitt is woefully oblivious to the extent he is hated and reviled by the environmental extremists.  He needs to behave accordingly for the sake of everyone in America with a vested interest in fossil fuels . . . and that certainly includes US!!

But instead Pruitt thinks he can do things, and behave in ways, any Democrat could get away with easily.  He cannot, and here is proof:


A lift from that piece:

"As he has done over and over again, he showed contempt for transparency, ethical guidelines and the public interest. Pruitt must resign. If he refuses to do so he should be fired immediately."

And then there is this:


We need Pruitt.  We need him to facilitate and fight for our pipelines.  We need him to hold the AGW crazies in check . . which he is doing.  We desperately need him to battle the environmentalists on a great many fronts.  Pruitt is a fossil fuel warrior.

But, like so many other Republicans, Pruitt is also an idiot.  He simply does not "get" the level of hostility on the other side . . . or else he does not care . . . I really do not know which it is.  He ignores the double standard and takes liberties as if he were a Democrat.  No Republican can get away with that.  Example:

Bubba, while POTUS, rapes women and gets done by an intern in the Oval Office.  He remains an unassailable hero, completely above reproach.

JFK does Marilyn, while POTUS.  No big deal. 

Trump does Stormy once, consensually, years before he even dreams of becoming POTUS . . . . . and it is an international incident.

That's the kind of scintillating double standard I'm talking about.  And Pruitt refuses to play ball.  He needs to accept the unfairness, and get with the program, or else we ALL are gonna be worse off on account of his obstinance.

Pruitt is not a Democrat and he does not possess the set of privileges granted to every Democrat politician in America.  Will somebody please tell him before it's too late!!!