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Environmental activists are turning to the courts to block pipelines

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America is overflowing with despicable Democrat Party filth.  Their activists are using Democrat judges to shut us down whenever and wherever they are able.  Here is a pull quote:

"Environmental activists are successfully using the courts to stymie the Trump administration’s “energy dominance” agenda, especially oil and natural gas pipelines"

It's not just the Keystone XL.  It's any pipeline, natural gas or oil.  All fossil fuels are under their withering attacks in the courts.

Democrat scum are attempting, in my view, to run out the clock on the Trump administration.  It takes TIME to build pipeline after approvals are granted.  They know if they can defeat Trump at the polls two years from now they will have won.  A win for these Democrat communists means our natural gas remains in the ground, with no path to market, just exactly where they want it.

Here is a link to the entire piece: