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Issues on Underground Storage in North Dakota

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Issues on Underground Storage in North Dakota
« on: January 15, 2019, 03:46:21 PM »

Quotes from the above article:

“The study raises questions about whether North Dakota regulations need to be clarified to allow for temporary storage of natural gas. A key issue is whether landowners should be compensated for the temporary use of pore space, or the cavity or void underground where the gas would be injected and temporarily stored.”
“Ownership of the pore space belongs to the surface owner, not the mineral owner.”

“Derrick Braaten, a Bismarck attorney who often represents landowners, said he would have significant concerns about legislation on pore space.”
“When you’re talking about injecting the natural gas, my take on it would be that there’s going to need to be some kind of a payment to the surface owner for the use of that pore space,” Braaten said.

My advice to the attorney representing the landowners: My calculations on pore space value factually specify that a starting point for the value of the landowner pore space is:  $28.95 Million for each billion cubic feet of underground storage. This does not account for interest and inflation.
I may try to contact him and let him know.

The Federal Government, MS state government, FERC, Courts, and gas and pipeline companies have stolen my underground caverns.