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NYC environmental insanity directly impacts PA royalty owners - Case in point

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This is a story about denial of NG service to a business owner in New York.  A few pull quotes:

The nearly $1 billion pipeline would bring natural gas to New York from Pennsylvania's prolific shale gas fields. Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Williams Companies and National Grid say the 23.5-mile-long pipeline extension under Raritan Bay between New Jersey and New York is sorely needed and can be built with minimal environmental disruption.

. . . the pipeline would have a positive environmental impact by replacing 900,000 barrels of heating oil with cleaner-burning gas.

Environmental groups that fought fracking in New York are now focused on preventing the construction of infrastructure that could bring gas from other states.

These are Democrats doing this to us.  Any royalty owner who votes Democrat is contributing to our pain and loss of income.  Only a consummate fool would support these environmental crazies by voting Democrat anywhere or at any time.  These nut cases must be defeated politically, and right now a vote for Trump and his Republicans is the only chance we have.  If the crazies win instead, our NG will remain "in the ground", right where they want it to be.

Here is your link to the entire piece:




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As an addendum to the above I want to mention something I heard yesterday on the radio:

A high government official was being interviewed.  He confirmed something I have asserted here prior, but it is always good to have additional backup on an updated basis.

In the USA, our supply of oil and NG, thanks to fracking, will last for the next 200 years.  I realize the difficulty for certain participants here, but please do your best to let that sink in:


The implications of that are mind bending.  The benefits for America are so great it is nearly unimaginable.  This is a blessing from God.

Then on the other side we have Democrats who want to shut it all down and cast aside everything and all the benefits, not in 100 years, not in 50 years, but ASAP and surely within the next 10-20 years if they can make that happen.

These people, straight up, are insane.  They must be defeated at all costs.  This is about much more than just our royalties.  The future of America hangs in the balance.

If Democrats win, America loses.



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  Shinobi. The anti fossil fuel movement is gaining momentum. Coal is the first on their hit list. Rightly so. The problem is that they view all fossil fuels in the same light. The transition from coal to natural gas has been ongoing for about 10 years. That will continue. Solar and wind are gaining share. But no way can renewables get the job done.



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 That will continue. Solar and wind are gaining share. But no way can renewables get the job done.
It will continue as long as the democrats can convince the various legislatures to mandate the spending and expense of doing so.  Therein lays the main objection, tax and spend on windmill tilting.
There are two kinds of ships.  Submarines and targets.



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  I flew over Iowa and Nebraska recently.
  Every farm seemed to have 3 or 4 windmills on their property. Big ones.
  I think Texas has more commercial windmills than any other state. Thes places are really bastians of liberalism.



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you don't have to be a liberal to like free money for building unnecessary things.

that's just business.